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With the development of
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Dołączył: 23.01.2019
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With the development of
With the development of technology, the use of electricity has become an extremely common thing Marlboro Cigarettes With Gold Band. But do people understand the correct use of electricity? winter, the wind is biting, people use heating appliances at this time, but there are many hidden dangers hidden. Electric blankets, people use it in winter nights. In order to warm up, they will be driven to the maximum. The baby's bedwetting will make the electric blanket stain with water, and the current will be transmitted to the baby with water, causing a disaster. Rechargeable hand warmers, people often use, but be careful: charging too long is easy to cause an explosion; people do not leave during the charging process, do not squeeze hard during the use; do not use during the charging process Buy Newports Cheap In The summer sun is coming, in order to drive people to use the refrigeration appliances, the electricity consumption will be much larger than other seasons. Almost every household in the summer consumes a lot of electricity. If ve heard of one thing, because of electricity: one afternoon, several small partners are together, very boring, thinking about finding games to play. I saw a small house that nobody lived in. The sockets were all exposed. At this time, a courageous boy said: "We might as well try to touch the socket with iron bars, feel the tiny current, hemp, fun! Several other people also agreed, so they quickly found an iron rod. Which of the proposed boys played very easily on their own, and several other people watched him play very well, and there was nothing at all, they all let go, and all of them were eager to try. But just as they played, they heard a burst of thunder and saw a bunch of lightning. There were a few courageous people saying, "Don't play anymore! It's too dangerous. It's lightning outside, it will get an electric shock!" "Afraid of what! A few coward, don't dare to go home! We play with us!" The leader said very arrogantly., the sky outside is getting darker and darker, and the wind and rain are mixed with glare of lightning and thunderous thunder, but several children still play there. A lightning flashed straight into the room. At that time, only one boy touched the socket, and suddenly the other two people passed out and they were dumbfounded. They pulled him directly. Who knows? In this way Best Online Cigarettes Newport, all three people will faint. Later, when someone discovered them, it was too late...the current, so ruthlessly took a few young lives. under a power pole in a small town, there was such a terrible disaster in the thunderstorms: there was a very busy business who was on the phone and answered the phone on a rainy day. That day, he just walked under the telephone pole and was on the phone. It happened to be a bunch of lightning bolts. He was directly introduced into the human body along the signal of the mobile phone, and he came to a "machine ruin."e are more such events, and a bloody fact slams people's hearts. Those events are also warning us: safely use electricity and cherish life. Everyone has only one life, and if they lose, they will lose forever.
23.01.2019 7:52
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