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Path of Exile: Looking At A Scorching Ray Build
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Dołączył: 31.03.2018
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Path of Exile: Looking At A Scorching Ray Build
While you was looking at a Scorching Ray build for a potential build choice, you can either do Templar or Scion, but Templar has the better ascendancy. Are there any viable endgame builds that the Scion can do? Enjoy the Path Of Exile Scion. And don't forget to buy cheap poe items and PoE Orbs buy on

While specific ascendancies do a better job than Scion, she shines because she can break the mould, so to speak. Utilize an ascendancy's unique ability in a way that they cannot. For example, Scion with Slayer overleech is pretty damn good for attack builds, such as BF or bow builds, and even spell builds. All of which aren't very optimal on Slayer.

Currently the best Melee physical class for bossing in basically all situations do to over leech and actually getting a useful ascendancy otherwise unlike slayer. Scion is also best for attribute stacking builds like whispering ice or BLS. They are also one of the 2 best aura bots a long with necro. They can do just about anything just often not as well as other ascendancies except in aforementioned cases. Would probably be pretty awful as a SR character. You would be much better off as occultist for ES or trickster for life. Also be sure to have a good look at our PoE currency cheap special offer.

Scion is super for many scenarios. If your build wants otherwise specific mechanics (like slayer over leech) in combination with other ascendancy powers and more passives, its super. cospri discharge for instance loves her (if you want it to also do engame instead of going glass cannon assassin with no survivability) RF is another option with chieftain+guardian or for support characters going guardian+necro or poets pen VD using pathfinder and any other subascendancy that suits your needs.
11.04.2018 8:02
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