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Path of Exile: What Are The Pros And Cons of Two Build?
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Path of Exile: What Are The Pros And Cons of Two Build?
Chieften and Slayer Ngamahu Cyclone build, what are the pros and cons of these two builds? Chieftain is a very good budget option considering you don't need xoph blood and you can clear red map with 30c-1ex budget. That is the build I am using atm, I can't speak for slayer haven't tried it. Let's review the whole story and get cheap POE Currency purchase from us.

Trickster is also a viable option, you can reserve 100% of your mana since movement skills don't take mana, you get harness the void , about 20-60% attack speed , charge generation, and evade/dodge chance with some movement speed. Only difference is that you need some es.

Chieftain has so many built-in synergies with Ngamahu that Slayer doesn't get. The 50% conversion saves a ton of points/money in not needing a Xoph's Blood or Avatar of Fire. The extra penetration makes it so with a Blasphemy-Flammability you can skip the Fire Penetration gem for another damage support. Anyway, you must have great fun. And please enjoy cheap poe items for trade on our site.

Flammability along with Herald of Ash lights packs on fire, which with the Tawhoa, Forest's Strength node has you constantly generating Endurance charges so you end up being tanky while still having pretty great single-target damage. As other people have mentioned, gearing is much easier due to the +100 fire resistance - and if you use a Wise Oak this is great since you'll most always get more Fire Pen that way.

Without a chest armor (I'm using Belly of the Beast but you can go super budget and craft yourself a 5L from a white base for about 10c) I'm at 6.8k life - 7.6k with belly. Add in 6 endurance charges as well as the 10% phys dmg taken as fire and you get suuuuper tanky. Overall, you end up with great DPS, great tankiness, and it's very feasible to gear on a low budget with a lot of options to upgrade when you do find currency.

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06.04.2018 8:34
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