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Most Indigon Builds Doesn't Take That Much Damage In PoE
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Most Indigon Builds Doesn't Take That Much Damage In PoE
So some people were advertising damage bonuses of up to 6000% Spell Damage. But this would require (given a 60/60 rolled Indigon) 20000 mana being spent within 4 seconds since its all based on "recently" timer. So this would require atleast 5000 mana regenerated per second but especially lets say on a trickster you never have the recovery buff pre combat/singletarget unless you use a worm flask and without the buff the highest ive seen was around 2800 regen as a t rickster. To hit the 6000% Spell Damage mark would require 5000 mana regen/sec, right?

The maximum mana you could spend in 4 seconds (recently) is four times all of your mana recovery per second. I've been working on an Indigon Inquisitor, in order to utilize the 6% of maximum Mana Regenerated when on Consecrated Ground. With this buff, Arcane Surge, Cloak of Defiance, Atziri's Foible, a shaper belt with 20% increased Mana Recovery, and a Watcher's eye with up to 30% increased Mana Recovery while affected by can get somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000-6000 mana regen.

That basically requires you to have 50%+ mana regen on all rare gear and take no damage or crit nodes in the tree. Actual combat in-game where tooltip DPS is huge, yet it simply is way slower than a conventional ED/blight build would be. So yeah, if you're going for spreadsheet numbers, way to go. If you want to play better in this game, then you need to spend currency on your gear. U4GM has a large number of stable POE buy currency sources, and provides customers with the cheapest price and the fastest delivery service, most customers can get their POE currency within 10 minutes usually.

This makes a big deal on rares and uniques that normal you might stop and channel blight now they just instantly blow up too. Once you gear is good enough you can even skip ED when clearing as contagion alone can deal enough damage to blow up packs. You still have frenzy charges on kill, the trickster attack/cast speed nodes and a brightbeak or an AS claw/dagger nearly as fast.

In that case are two things to consider - one, most Indigon builds are either ED or Poet's Pens which are solid map clearers anyway, and two, it doesn't really take that much damage to clear maps in the first place.

With 6% from inquisitor +1.75% base +1% from body armour its 8.75% alone. Counting a build like whispering ice that have a lot of int stacking and then a lot of mana, with a lot of % increased mana. A pool of 5K is not something far away. So you regenerate near 9% of that pool per second without increase regen. Getting 450% increased regen is not imposible (if you focus on it) to reach 50% of your pool per second.

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02.04.2018 7:53
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