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Daggers Are Rarely Used On Attack Builds In PoE
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Daggers Are Rarely Used On Attack Builds In PoE
If you lean towards cool AOE chaining/burst type skills, but you'd hate to commit and then run into something specifically immune or whatever you can't kill. Also, same goes for weapon and armor types. Is anything generally regarded as superior, or are they just different or more complex?

Most of the things in the game are usable to an extent, but there are skills and Weapon types that are generally regarded as worse/better than others.

Daggers for example are rarely used on Attack Builds, because Claws and Swords are better for those. Resulting in them mostly being used for Spellcaster builds. Same story for Staves really.

If you haven't played for a long time, try something easy like Sunder or Cleave first if you like melee. Scorching ray is good if you want a spell build and Tornado Shot if you want a Ranged build. Just look those up on the forums and try to adapt them the best you can.

● Frost Blades-Pick ranger, then ascend to Raider, Your clear speed will be nuts.
● Spectral throw-good on an elemental build with tons of crit and attack speed, or you can go shadow, ascend Assassin and do some poison shenanigans
● Spectral Shield throw feels like ass to level with, avoid it for now unless your a masochist.
● Molten strike-one of the better skills IMO. Pair it with the fairly new Ancestral call skill for good clear. Marauder ascending to Chieftain is a good choice for the natural synergy.
● Scorching Ray on a Righteous Fire build has been strong for a few leagues now, can't go wrong.

Look up some builds on for skills you like, go from there. Before we get started we want to let you know about our fantastic hot sale that is happening right now. It makes us the best place to buy PoE Orbs Cheap online as you get them nice and cheap and we are the most trusted seller online. Good luck!

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31.03.2018 6:57
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