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Roots Vacuum Pump Pressure Testing

The temperature rise of Roots vacuum pump refers to the difference between the highest temperature and room temperature measured in all parts of the pump exterior under the condition of stable operation of the limit vacuum or rated vacuum. The types of thermometers used to measure temperature rise are not limited, but they should have the measurement accuracy of <1 C. When marking the temperature rise, it should also indicate the room temperature at that time, the cooling conditions of the pump, including the cooling method, such as the water cooling system should indicate the temperature of the water in and out.

The outlet pressure of Roots vacuum pump refers to the pressure of measuring the jacket near the exhaust port corresponding to a certain inlet pressure value under the condition of stable operation of Roots vacuum pump. The test of outlet pressure can be carried out at the same time as the measurement of the pumping rate, starting from the appropriate value close to the limit vacuum until about the allowable inlet pressure of the pump. Measure the outlet pressure for each inlet pressure value.

The measuring position of the outlet pressure is specified in the standards issued by the Ministry. The distance between the pressure measuring tube and the flange of the pump outlet should not be greater than the diameter of the pump outlet, and the opening plane of the pressure measuring tube should be parallel to the direction of the airflow. The insertion depth is 1/4 d, but not greater than 50 mm.

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